Al Param Senin Olsun Dedirtecek 7 Manyak Buluş

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7- Kolay balık soyma cihazı : Skinzit - Ultimate fish skinner :

6- Şekil değiştiren balıkçılık sırt çantası : Paxis - When you have a Paxis® pack, you don’t have to take it off to get what’s inside – you can keep your straps on and swing the gear you need to the front in one swift, secure motion using the ARC swing technology. :

5- Bisiklet için insan reflektörü : Tracer360 :

4- Kurşun geçirmez kumaş : Miguel Caballero Bulletproof Clothing :

3- Selfie drone : New functions of JJRC H37 ELFIE Foldable Mini Selfie Drone RC Quadcopter :

2- Şekil değiştiren binalar : Transformer & Shapeshifting Buildings :

1- Susuzluk çeken insanlar için bulunan muhteşem çözüm : WaterSeer - There is an abundance of water all around us. Three quarters of the world is covered in water and there are over 3,100 cubic miles of fresh water in the atmosphere. Yet over 2.3 billion people struggle daily to get enough water.
Every day, water is the first thing we drink and the last thing we use. We drink our fill, shower and bathe daily, water our lawns, wash our clothes and our dishes knowing that clean, safe water is an unquestioned condition of our lives. And yet, it’s a commodity not everyone has at their disposal.
WaterSeer condenses pure water from the air without power or chemicals. It is green, low-maintenance, sustainable, mobile and scalable for any community. Our company is developing a family of new products that will provide a limitless supply of clean water to meet the world’s endless demand. :

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